IJMB Cut Off Point For Admission Into Universities

The IJMB cut off point for IJMB programme admission into Nigerian universities is almost the same among the list of the Universities in Nigeria that accepts IJMB result into the 200 level. We will provide you with the cut-off marks for all universities ranging from the IJMB cut-off for Unilag, Uniport, OAU, UNN, UNIBEN, Unilorin, other universities in Nigeria.

IJMB Cut Off Marks For Courses  For Admission In Nigeria

This is the general cut off mark for students to be able to gain admission into 200 level with IJMB for your choice course. With this overview, you can have an idea of the cut-off mark you can use to gain admission to the course that interests you as a student.

For you to be able to gain admission with IJMB, you must be able to have a minimum of 5 points out of the total 15 points. Now, since each course has its own cut-off marks, we are going to blush through it.

Important Info. Some Universities do not accept less than 7,8,9 points for ANY course at all. What you are seeing here is an average cut off marks

IJMB Cut Off Points For Courses

  1. IJMB cut off marks points for any science, paramedical, the administrative course is 6 points and above
  2. For Medicine, students must have at least 12 points and above to gain admission to study Medicine in Nigerian universities that offer the course with IJMB (other examinations will still be conducted for Medicine students after meeting the required point with IJMB) (OAU requires nothing less than 13 points)
  3. The IJMB cut off marks for Engineering courses, A/level Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry
    for Industrial Chemistry is 8 points and above
  4. IJMB cut off marks for Social Sciences/Administrative Courses is a minimum 7 points and above
  5. Candidates must have at least 5 points for Religious Studies, Languages, and most of the Courses in Arts Faculty and Agriculture
  6. The IJMB cut off mark also known as IJMB cut off point for Law in Nigeria s 13 points, candidates must have a minimum of 13 points to be able to gain admission with IJMB into 200 level to study Law in those universities that offer Law as a course among the universities that accept IJMB program.
  7. IJMB cut off mark for pharmacy is 12 points of which the subject combination is Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. This is IJMB cut-off mark for pharmacy, you must aim at the very beginning when you start your IJMB program.
  8. IJMB cut off mark for Nursing: This is if you want to study Nursing in a university that accepts IJMB, for example, Unilorin, the minimum point you need to get with your Nursing IJMB subject combination which is Biology, Chemistry, and Physics is 12 points.
  9. IJMB cut off point for Business Admin: If your aim is to study business administration with IJMB in one of the universities that accept IJMB for Bus. Admin, you must have nothing less than 9 points in your subject combination of Economics, Business Management, and Accounting/Mathematics.
  10. IJMB cut off mark for Accounting: IJMB cut off point for accounting is also 9 points.

IJMB cut off mark for all courses

For all courses in any faculty, you must aim nothing at least 8 points to have a very great chance of gaining admission, with nothing less than 5 points at worst.

IJMB cut off mark for uniabuja

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