IJMB and Private Universities In Nigeria

IJMB Private Universities

Does Private Universities Accept IJMB?

All private universities in Nigeria accept IJMB and right and direct to 200L of the universities you want to go for the admission process. So many times, I have been asked this question by potential IJMB students, that if at all private universities in Nigeria accept result from ABU through the IJMB that they do run. Even with time we expect those universities that do
not recognised IJMB result like the Unilag and others will accept them. Because the reason while they don’t regard it, is purely political in the early days of Nigeria political development.
So, if you are nursing an ambition of going to private universities and you want to get used to the thing they are doing in campus, before you really start with them. I think IJMB will help alot. If you are familiar with IJMB or having a relative that know about IJMB program he/she will tell you that both the topics of 100L and 200L of your course are all covers or almost covered in the IJMB program. I can say it anywhere that, if you choose a very good centre in the course of running an IJMB program, then you don’t have a reason of having less than 2nd Class upper at the end of your degree in the university of your study. The only hindrances that will cut off your good grade is the seriousness that you embibed on yourself.
Always remember this, IJMB is not for the brained  if you are brilliant that will be in your secondary school days, it doesn’t matter how brilliant you are, but more of how many hours, time you sit down personally and have your book read. Receiving lectures is good, but personal developments that will make the difference will only come as a result of how many time you invest in the program.
Take this from us at Leadership Seekers Academy, if you can leave your
beautiful home and your convenience and come to Ilorin for about 1year, and yet you don’t read your books as often as you can, then you ‘ve come to waste your money.

IJMB 2014/2015 Is Now Online

So just as we expect you to know, the form for the 2014/2015 running has been out since January, and here at Leadership Seekers Academy, where we are known for running the cheapest and most effective IJMB program here in Ilorin. Our form, the hostel fees and lectures with everything and the kits that will be needed for all the students are not more than

When I say, Leadership Academy is the one of  the best institution in Ilorin, I mean it with whole strength of mine. So call me now on 08105087367 to buy your form or any type of question you will want to ask. Note, that our form is in online, you just have to fill some form, scan your photograph, and any of your O’level result. Once you paid for the form online, receipt will be sent automatically to your email and you can printout and keep till when you will be coming down.

If you are havind difficult in registering for the form online, please do contact me on 08111357171 or 08105087367 or email me on [email protected]