IJMB 2022 Admission Entrance Exam

The IJMb 2022 registration is ongoing and the entrance exam is scheduled to hold from 18th to 22nd of the Month of May. The entrance exam shall take place on the IJMB portal and not anywhere else. This means the IJMB entrance exam can be done anywhere you.

Being the first entrance exam for IJMB program, the entrance result will not hold any water or affect your admission process.

What you should know about IJMB 2022 entrance exam.

  1. It is the first time the entrance exam will be taken place for IJMB
  2. It will be 40 questions in 30 minutes
  3. You can do it anywhere on your phone, at cyber cafer
  4. You will get your result within 7 days after it is conducted
  5. Your entrance exam does not affect your admission into the program being the first time is holding.

More details to be posted in case there is postponement or cancellation.

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  1. Pls can someone do the entrance exam before paying acceptance fee?

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