IJMB 2018/2019 Registration Form Details

IJMB 2018-2019 Registration Form

IJMB 2018-2019 Registration Form
This is to inform general public to not be misled about the IJMBE for the 2018/2019 academic session. The IJMB for the 2018/2019 session is yet to commence and the IJMB 2019 registration is not coming soon. The general public should take note that the form for

the 2017/2018 IJMBE is still on and whosoever is interested in the programme is to register before the final closing date. The 2017/2018session will be done and dusted before the full lectures for IJMB 2018/2019 commences.

The registration for 2019 is meant to commence between November and December provided all things being equal and no information against the commencement for the registration on our IJMB Website. The IJMB A’level Registration our company which is registered to take in IJMBE candidates for the registration of IJMBE programs in advanced study centres has warned candidates to visit our IJMBE website directly ijmbway.com or IJMBE.edu.ng to avoid misled or falling into some fraudsters.

Update: IJMB 2018/2019 Registration is Out. Register Here

In furtherance of our commitment for the improvement of IJMB program and A’level in general in Nigeria, we have centres in Ilorin, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Delta, Uyo, Ekiti, Ibadan, Ilorin and other states like Enugu, Anambra to come soon.
The IJMB admission which is expected to commence between February and March in 2018 will admit the IJMBE students into 200 level by 2019.  We want to announce that both the lectures and registration for the 2018 session are still ongoing, hence the IJMB 2018/2019 cannot start yet until we announce it.
IJMBE is a programme being moderated, supervised and headed by Ahmedu Bello University, Zaria, IJMBe is a programme that when combined with Direct Entry form, the candidates who passed the program will be able to use it to gain admission into 200 level among the IJMBE universities that accept the programme.
To be candid, we hope this information will be enough to calm down to candidates who want to wait to register for the 2018/2018 IJMB registration that will pilot them to gain admission by 2019. But if you want to use IJMBE to gain admission into 200 level by next year which is 2018, endeavour to register for the late registration which has commenced.
The IJMB makeup classes will commence soon for late starters, register now before it is too late


  1. Can i register for 2018 session diz nov nd can i use ijmb 2 study medicine nd sugery.

  2. please do unijos pick ijmb student for direct entry into 200level for pharmacy

  3. when will the sale of forms probably commence?

  4. can I register now
    hope it's not too late

  5. When is d closing date 4 d IJMB form for 2018

  6. This is really good and helpful. I just advice a friend to send his son there and he likes it. Is it still open for admission. Old reply.

  7. can I still register for ijmb?
    Pls when are they starting lectures for this year?

    1. You can still register for the 2018 IJMB. Yes, lectures just started in all our accredited centres, you are register and resume immediately

  8. When is 2018/2019 registration closing? Does UNIZIK accept IJMB?

    1. Probably this week Friday. Unizik does not Accepts IJMB

  9. I Just Printed The Ijmb Form For 2018/2019, Can I Proceed With The Registration By may Ending?

  10. When will registration for 2019 ijmb commence?

  11. Please can I register for Ijmb 2019
    February exam now. Need an answer

  12. How much is the fee for late registration?

  13. I don’t know if my children can still be part of this year’s ijmb

  14. ave hear alot about dis ijmb, and my try my best to be one of ijmb student, but i dont have the person that we spursion me, if i can see any body dat can spursion am ready to go!!!!

  15. Al-ameen Naseer can i get admission into abu ijmb centre 2018/2019 hence still can i offered law with my combination and at the end to got admission direct into Ahmadu Bello University

    1. Yes it is out now. The IJMB for 2019/2020 session is out

  16. Please I want to know when ijmb 2019 session will commence. So that I can register for it as soon as possible.

    1. Ijmb session already in progress resume immediately after governorship election

  17. Do u have ijmb centre in anambra state? Can one be coming to lectures from home?

    1. Yes, we do have centre in Anambra

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