How to Register for IJMB Form & Apply To Any IJMB Centers In Nigeria

How To Register For IJMB Form

This is how to apply for IJMB form, this page covers all instructions on how to register for the IJMB application form online. The IJMB form cost eight thousand and five hundred naira only (#8,500). This information is important for those who want to know how to apply for IJMB form on the IJMB registration portal.

What is IJMB all about?

Welcome to IJMB Alevel Registration – This is the procedure to register for IJMB in Nigeria. Many IJMB centres use this portal to register for all their candidates.

IJMB has gained wide popularity among school leavers who find it difficult to gain admission with the regular JAMB programme. About 80% who register and come out successful in the IJMB examination (IJMBE) gain admission yearly.

How to Register for IJMB Form

To apply for IJMB form, interested applicants should follow the below instructions carefully.

  1. The first step is to fill the IJMB form below after you have your registration fee on your ATM or you have paid the account details below.
  2. Then visit your email to click on the confirmation sent to your email address by the system


    Account No: 0163836217

    Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (Gtbank)

  3. Select your centre and select the method of payment, Make your payment if you have not done so in step 2.
  4. Upload payment evidence if you do not pay online. If you do, you don’t need to upload payment evidence. Upload Evidence of payment here
  5. Once your payment is approved then you will proceed to fill the Parents/guardian form with your previous academic records
  6. Your admission letter is sent within 3 hours after you completely fill the form and if you make your payment using your ATM, your admission letter will be sent automatically.
  7. Two weeks after you received your admission letter, you are expected to pay your acceptance fee. Then resume to your chosen study centre
  8. Your admission contains your centre full details, fees breakdown details, your resumption date, when to resume, what to bring along to your centre, and the minimum you can start with to start receiving lectures.

The study centres and their fees are shown to you during registration and of which you will select your preferred one and the is the one to be sent to you.

The total fees you will be paying through your IJMB programme with us in any of our centres is #188,000 to #258,000 till you write your final examination which is always due by February every year. You can see the breakdown of the fees at IJMB programme fee

How To Apply For IJMB Form

To apply for IJMB form, candidates are to visit the IJMB registration portal and fill the application form.

Read the instruction before you apply for the IJMB programme.
Pay your registration fee of #8,500 either online using your ATM card or by transfer to the IJMB account details

IJMB Closing Date for IJMB Application Form.

IJMB closing date can be checked online by visiting the website and visit when is IJMB registration closing date for the ongoing session. This is will give details on whether you are still eligible for the IJMB programme or not

IJMB Requirements 

The requirement for ijamb IJMB programme is the O’level result. So people with awaiting result can apply and also people who will be registering another O’level to complement their result as two sittings can also apply.

IJMB School Fees

IJMB school fees in total are in the #188,000. These is average fees anywhere in Nigeria. What differentiates the fees is the hostel fee (accommodation) as accommodation can be as low as #25,000 and as high as #100,000 in some areas in Nigeria like Abuja. See the breakdown of IJMB tuition fees to know what goes for what.

Read the whole truth about IJMB and what you need to know about IJMB

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Apply For IJMB Form

How do I register for IJMB form

To register for the IJMB form, make your payment for the registration and fill the form on the IJMB portal

How do I apply for IJMB Form

To apply, make your payment for the registration and fill the form on the IJMB portal

How to apply for IJMB program

Pay for the IJMB form and begin by filling your personal details, previous educational details, the course you want to study, your next of kin, your parents/guardian details and your IJMB subject combination depending on the course you want to study.

How much does IJMB Form Cost?

The IJMB form cost ₦8,500 (Eight thousand and five hundred naira only.

Where Can I Register for IJMB Program

You register for the IJMB program online, as long as the centres is listed and available here, all registration for IJMB is online whether in Lagos, Ilorin, Abuja, Ado Ekiti, Osun, Port Harcourt, Anambra, Imo etc