How To Pay For Services Online Using ATM Card In Nigeria

Pay Online

For some of the students that want to pay for Unilorin Post – UTME past questions online and to others who want to register for IJMB by buying the IJMB form online using ANY of the ATM cards in Nigeria might be finding it difficulty especially if any of this above are their first timer of using ATM to buy things online

Why you need to know how to use ATM to pay online? Well, apart that we are in a cashless policy, most schools in Nigeria if not all don’t accept physical payment anymore. All transaction are done online from their post UTME to paying the school fees involved

We are going to show you how to pay online using any of your ATM with these following instructions. We will want to believe you want to pay using Voguepay, voguepay is the Nigeria leading online payment processor which 99.99 % secure, so don’t worrry that someone will steal your data and used that to gain access to your money is not possible. Just tell anyone else your ATM number/details

Follow The Instruction Below To Pay Online. I will be using Unilorin Post UTME Database questions as an example.

Go to the Unilorin Post UTME database questions page on our website at >>>

Pay Online

2. Click On “Click Here To Continue To Pay” on the page: Once you click it you will be redirected to VoguePay website

3. Once you reached their site: Click any of the image that related to the method you want to use to pay. You have the option of using:

VoguePay. If you already have an VoguePay account and you enough money their that you can use to pay for the service

Visa Card Or MasterCard: This apply if the card you want to use to pay is Visa ATM Card or MasterCard. Select as appropriate

QuickTeller: This apply if you want to use quick teller to pay.

4. Once you select method of payment you will be asked to provide an email address, please make sure you provide a valid email address, as this is the email address your receipt will be sent to so that you can print it out if you need to

5. After providing your email, you will now be redirected to Interswitch website where you can now provide your ATM card information. Please don’t be scare, your ATM details are saved with them. Millions make  transaction daily using ATM online, it is not just you. OK?

6. While providing your ATM details, they will ask for the following details, so that they can deduct the money you want to use to buy the service, in this case #2000

6.1 Again you have select your card, whether is MasterCard, VisaCard or Verve Card

After selecting your card, The following details will be asked

CARD NUMBER. Card number is the 12 to 16 digits at the back of your ATM card. make sure you write them correctly

EXPIRY DATE: This is the date your ATM card will expire, you will always see it at the back of your ATM

Pay Online

CVV2. Cvv2 is the 3digits number at front of your ATM card, just look well you will see it

CARD PIN: Card pin is the 4digits number you do use to collect physical cash from ATM machines.

Once you provide this detail correctly, you will see a message that says your payment was successful or something similar, and if it failed, you will see failure message display on your computer/phone screen

After payment you will now be redirected to the page where you will download the Unilorin Post UTME question from.

Thank you, if you don’t understand anything, please comment below, and will take time to respond to your question. Thank

Please take note: When you are paying for Unilorin Post UTME Questions Database with your ATM online, it is normal for the transaction to fail when you try it for the first time, it is just to be sure that you really want to make the transaction, the second is always successful