How To Find Physical Therapy Job in US

If you want to find physical therapy job in the united states but don’t know how to do it, then not to worry because we have covered all you need to know about this topic in this article.

Finding a physical therapy job in the United States can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Physical therapists play a vital role in helping individuals recover from injuries, surgeries, and various health conditions. In this article, we are going to talk about where physical therapist work, Locations with the most jobs in the united states, Education and of course job search.

If you become a physical therapist (PT), you can work in different places, not just one. After you finish your Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from an accredited program in the United States, you can get a license to work in any state and find jobs in many different places.

As a PT, you can use your passion for helping patients feel better, move better, and get stronger to have a stable job and exciting experiences. You can start your career in new and well-paying locations

Where Physical Therapist Work

The great news is that you can discover PT jobs all over the country. People of all ages with various injuries and conditions need physical therapy, and physical therapists can work in private clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and even visit patients at their homes.

Locations To Find Physical Therapy Jobs in The United States

Some places in the country have more job options for physical therapists. If you’re looking for a lot of job opportunities, you can consider these top five states:

  • California: 23,840 jobs
  • New York: 16,130 jobs
  • Texas: 14,040 jobs
  • Florida: 13,220 jobs
  • Pennsylvania: 10,700 jobs

In big cities and their surrounding areas, you can also find many jobs for physical therapists:

  • New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA: 16,100 jobs
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA: 9,530 jobs
  • Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI: 7,140 jobs
  • Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD: 5,880 jobs
  • Boston-Cambridge-Nashua, MA-NH: 5,700 jobs

If you prefer smaller towns, you can find physical therapy jobs in nonmetropolitan areas as well:

  • Kansas: 520 jobs
  • Southwest Maine: 430 jobs
  • Piedmont, North Carolina: 430 jobs
  • North-Northeastern Ohio (noncontiguous): 400 jobs
  • Northeast Mississippi: 390 jobs

Keep in mind that the number of job openings in these places often relates to their size and population, so it doesn’t mean there are necessarily more jobs for each applicant compared to less populated areas.

Where Can You Earn the Most as a Physical Therapist in the U.S.?

For many people, it’s not just about finding job opportunities but also finding well-paying jobs and chances to grow professionally. While some of the places mentioned earlier offer good salaries (like California), there are other locations where physical therapists can earn even more on average.

Here are the top five states with the highest average annual salaries for physical therapists:

  • Nevada: $104,210
  • California: $103,510
  • Connecticut: $101,180
  • Delaware: $100,490
  • New Jersey: $99,530

In certain cities, you can find even higher-paying positions:

  • San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA: $123,190
  • San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA: $118,370
  • Midland, TX: $116,880
  • Napa, CA: $114,540
  • Carson City, NV: $114,470

If you prefer living in nonmetropolitan areas, you can still earn a good salary:

  • Eastern New Mexico: $106,050
  • Central Louisiana: $105,290
  • Alaska: $105,190
  • Connecticut: $103,620
  • West Tennessee: $103,360

If you’re curious about the highest-paying specialties in physical therapy, you can explore those to see which career path may offer the best financial prospects.

How To Find Physical Therapy Job in US

Now let’s get to the main business which is how you can possibly find a physical therapy job in the United States.

We would be looking at all the things you need to have before you cam even apply and also how to start your application.


The first step to become a physical therapist in the US is obtaining the necessary education and licensing. You must have a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from an accredited program. This typically takes three years to complete after earning a bachelor’s degree. After graduating, you need to pass the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) to become a licensed physical therapist. Check with your state’s licensing board for specific requirements as they can vary.

Getting Your Lienece

After you have completed your education the next thing should be you planning to vet your licence for you to be able to practice and even find a physical therapy job in the United States.

This means you need official permission to do the job. But here’s the tricky part: each state in the US might have different rules about getting a license. You will have to check with the state where you want to work to see what their rules are.

Experience Is key

One of the things that will get a job faster in the physical therapy industry is your experience.

Experience is like practice. The more you have, the better you get. To be a more attractive job candidate, you should try to get some experience. You can do this through internships or clinical rotations, which are like on-the-job training. Even starting in an entry-level position can help.

Get a Good Resume

An attractive resume is another thing that would really help you in your search for jobs in the physical therapy business.

A resume is like a fancy piece of paper that shows off all your good stuff. You should make a resume that talks about your education, experience, and skills related to physical therapy. Think of it like making a list of all the cool things you can do.

Look For Jobs

Now is the time to look for the job it self and above we have provided you with all the places that offer this type of jobs the most and their potential salaries. It is important you look at list, know the one that is okay for you and go for it.

The one question will remain, where do I find physical therapy jobs? Now let’s get it started.

You can do this by searching on job websites or looking at job boards for healthcare jobs. Many healthcare facilities also have websites where they post job openings. Example of websites to find a job is and so many other places.

When you find the job in the city you want, then I think you should then focus on making sure you make the best application and give them a good cv and the job will definitely be yours.

During your application process, please do well to implore patience because sometimes the employers might waste some time to review your Cv and get back to you.


Here you have it, If you have been looking for how to get a job in the United States in the physical therapy field then this is how you can get them, we have explained all you need to know in this article. For more information, kindly reach out to us here through the comment section and subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first people to know the latest opportunities we have for you.