Foreign Universities That Accept IJMB

We see that many people are searching for foreign Universities that accept IJMB. To be clear, not so many universities abroad accept IJMB. IJMB is set up to be used to gain admission into Nigerian Universities.

universities that accept IJMB

In Nigeria though, almost all federal universities in Nigeria universities that accept IJMB into 200L. That you can study any course of your choice. The same applies to state and private universities. For clarity, you can check the list of Nigerian universities that accepts IJMB.

Ijmb Point for Courses

IJMB Point for courses has been detailed on our website. The point for each course are not the same, it all boil down to have many students wants to study that particular course and how many are available. IJMB point for courses including Medicine and Surgery are listed on our page

What is IJMB

IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board – is a one year program with many locations and centres across Nigeria. IJMB is an alternative to JAMB, as with IJMB, you don’t have to write JAMB longer.

IJMB has been in existence since far back in 1986. ABU, Zaria moderate the program which means, they set the IJMB syllabus, set questions, mark the examination and gives student result. What is IJMB questions have now been answered?

Direct entry into medicine in ABU Zaria

ABU Zaria is one of the federal universities that accept IJMB into 200L, this means that with IJMB you can get Direct Entry into Medicine in ABU Zaria without any hassle as long as you meet up with the IJMB point for Medicine in the institution.

When will the IJMB result be out

If you want to know when will the IJMB result be out, you can check our page on when IJMB result will result from year to year so that you can get updated as when the result is being released.

IJMB result is usually released between 2 to 3 months after the examination. The results are always available at the centre where you register for the Program.

Before you can get your IJMB result make sure you are not owning any of your centres as this situation will not allow your result to be released when out.

Ijmb ABU Zaria

IJMB ABU Zaria conducts and moderates the IJMB program across all of Nigeria. They make the result, and call in moderators and supervisors during the examination. They are also responsible to certify your result by the external institutions when the need arises.

Centres are approved by ABU, they make sure everyone works well for the candidates. For some