Watson Institute-Western Union Foundation Fellowship 2022

Ford Fund Fellowship 2022

Watson Institute’s Western Union Foundation Fellowships 2020 take applications in rolling rounds to equip innovators to help marginalized refugees / displacement communities thrive.

It is intended to encourage young entrepreneurs to develop community leadership skills by working with disadvantaged refugees and displaced people.

Ford Fund Fellowship

  • Type: Entrepreneurs
  • Organisation: Watson Institute
  • Course of study: Not specified
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Application Deadline: September 15, 2022

The Ford Fund Fellowship is a program designed to provide 25 entrepreneurs of the next generation with the knowledge, skills and expertise to expand the successful ventures they’re developing.

Ford Fund Fellows will learn advanced skills in entrepreneurship as well as leadership, as well as have the opportunity to receive seed money and gain experience.

They will also establish a global network while they build the foundation to help more individuals and change their communities.

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About Watson Institute

Watson Institute is a place where future leaders and entrepreneurs can discover their place in the world, find their passion, and grow their career paths.

Watson Institute offers the resources to network, the mindset, and the courage needed by the next generation to tackle the most difficult challenges confronting the world, establish successful careers and live life-changing lives.

Watson Institute has locations in Boulder, Colorado, at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, and at Universidad Francisco Marroquin (UFM) in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Aim and Benefits of Ford Fund Fellowship

  • $25,000 of seed money will be dispersed among the Ford Fund Fellows based on performance and impact across the Fellowship.
  • Ford Fund Fellows will be awarded a stipend, and will work for an additional 80-100 hours in implementing a three-day intensive program known as Basecamp.

Requirements for Ford Fund Fellowship Qualification

This is intended for advanced next-generation entrepreneurs who are building innovative ventures that produce scalable breakthroughs.

  • The ideal candidates will have an established track of entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership within their respective communities.
  • We are seeking candidates from the United States, China, Mexico, South Africa, and Argentina who have ventures that are that are in the “Product Fit” or “Scaling” stage.
  • Ford Fund applicants must be capable of committing to be part of the program for 16 weeks beginning on October 17th, 2022 until the 24th of February, 2023.
  • The program is two weeks long (20-25 hour per week) followed by 14 weeks of programming each week (5-8 minutes per day).

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How to Apply for Ford Fund Fellowship

Are you interested and certified? Go to
Watson Institute on watson.is
to apply

  1. Completion of fill out the online Application: The online application has five essay questions.
  2. The application is reviewed The applications will be considered within two weeks of the submission. Applications are reviewed and accepted on a regular basis. The deadline for applications will be the 15th of September.
  3. It will invite you for be interviewed: Applicants moving forward through this process are invited for 20 minutes of Zoom interview.
  4. Application process for enrollment: We will send an admission decision as well as the enrollment agreement within two weeks after the interview.

For more details, go to Watson Institute website