Differences Between Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) And Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB)

IJMB Registration Form


Do you know that more than a million people write JAMB every year, with the hope of gaining admission into their favourite institution but it seems to fail most of these individuals?

In addition, majority of those writing JAMB are not first writers rather some would have three or four times.

It is therefore discovered that there is a high level of competition for those who are seeking to get admission to the tertiary level with JAMB. Apart from Direct Entry, where is less competition to get admission but yet you will need to meet the requirement or no admission.


In this article, we will be discussing the differences between IJMB and JAMB and select the one which is best for you. At least 7 differences will be listed as follows;


JAMB students are admitted into the first year while the IJMB students are admitted into the second year and that is because IJMB tutor these students for at least nine months before their proper examination.



JAMB requires every student to register four subjects including mathematics and English language, while IJMB requires each student to register and write three subjects which are similar to the course you intend doing.

For example, a student who wants to study banking and finance should register economics, accounting and government. Also, each subject are sub divided into two.



(JAMB) Majority of schools will want students to write their exams, most especially the federal universities, but when we come to IJMB, you are not required to write any exam.



As you all know that JAMB just last for a year, meaning that a student who passes JAMB this year and fails to gain admission that same year is likely to write another JAMB the following year, but IJMB has no expiry date, meaning you can use it for as long as you want it.


As I have mentioned earlier, that about one million people write JAMB every year, it simply explains the reason why it is difficult for most students to acquire admission considering the population or amount of people seeking to get admission and study in your preferred institution. While IJMB is much easier to get admission considering you beat the cut off mark. Do you know that about 8 students out of 10 students who went through IJMB successfully gain admission into the university?


Another difference between IJMB and JAMB is the issue of writing post-utme exams. When you write JAMB, it is relatively compulsory that you must write the university’s exam you are applying for. But in the case of IJMB, you do not need to write the university’s exam because in IJMB, the exam you write can enable you gain admission into your preferred institution. IJMB is more preferable because of the Post-utme exams.


It is said that with IJMB, some tertiary institutions prefer students who are with IJMB than those with JAMB.

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