Car Insurance In Chattanooga, TN: Everything You Need To Know

Car Insurance In Chattanooga

Car insurance in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is something the people of the city need to take seriously if they want to spend less while protecting their cars from damages.

Unlike the average auto insurance coverage in USA which is around $2,000 per year, for drivers in Chattanooga, they can pay around $1,350 for the same insurance provided they deal with the right car insurance companies.
There are a lot of car insurance companies in Chattanooga that offer auto insurance services at a cheaper rate. From USAA to Farmers, Travelers, Geico, State Farm, to mention a few.

We’ll be looking at some of these car insurance companies as well as what car insurance is all about.

What is a Car Insurance

A car insurance is a type of insurance for cars, vans, motorcycles, trucks, other road vehicles, in which they are financially protected from damage or their owners/drivers from bodily injuries as a result of collisions or accidents.

This protection usually comes from an insurance company which goes into agreement with a car owner/driver to pay an agreed annual premium based on the policy set down by the company.

For the sake of clarity, car insurance is sometimes known as auto insurance, vehicle insurance or motor insurance.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Chattanooga, TN

When looking for a car insurance company in a place like Chattanooga, in Tennessee, it is important to look for one that is cheap and fits your budget.

Although the cost of getting a car insurance in Chattanooga depends on certain factors like your gender, age, driving history, coverage needs, etc, you can still get companies that offer auto insurance services at an affordable rate.

Some of these companies include:

State Farm

State Farm is a very reliable car insurance company in Chattanooga that is known to offer auto insurance services at an affordable rate.
It boasts of over 19,000 agents across the United States, including over 20 in just Chattanooga alone. It also boats of top-notch mobile resources which make it a people’s choice.

There are two known feature programs State Farm offers to drivers who want to save money while getting their vehicles insured. They include the Steer Clear discount program and the Driver Safe and Save program.

One major disadvantage of State Farm is that it does not have a 24/7 customer service. Notwithstanding, it is still known for giving discounts to drivers who drive safely as well as teens and students.


Geico is another reliable car insurance company that is known to operate in Chattanooga and other places in the United States.

Just like State Farm, Geico has excellent mobile resources, most notable its mobile app which assist customers with the company’s policy anytime and anywhere. But unlike State Farm, Geico has a 24/7 customer service.

One of the pros of Geico is its numerous insurance discounts. One of them is the extra savings it gives to customers when they do not get involved in accidents for at least five years.

Auto-Owners Insurance Co

When it comes to car insurance companies in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Auto-Owners Insurance Co is one of the best.

The company offers bundling, high scores for coverage and responsible payments discounts. Its coverage policy is also available with its rate being around $200 per year.

Generally, Auto-Owners Insurance Co is known for its affordability and financial stability, as well as the satisfaction it gives to its customers. Record has it that customers hardly give a negative review about the company.

The only downside to Auto-Owners Insurance Co as an insurance company is that it does not offer discounts for defensive driving.


Other than the auto insurance service it provides, Chubb is popularly known in Chattanooga for its excellent customer service and management.

For instance, when customers or policyholders get involved in accidents it covers the cost of getting new original parts. With a diminished value coverage, customers also get a check for the value of their vehicles although this value is usually decided on upon the purchase of the company’s policy.

The major disadvantage of Chubb is that its rate is a bit too expensive than some other insurance companies in Chattanooga. This expensive rate is as a result of the excellent service it provides.


Travelers is one of the few car insurance companies in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that is known for its endorsements to customers and potential discounts. This is why it is considered by many who want to spend less while getting their car insured.

One major advantage Travelers have over other insurance companies in Chattanooga is that its rates are below that of the average rate in the city. Its also has a telematics program, IntelliDrive, which helps drivers save up to 30% of their insurance fee provided they drive safely.


Just line Travelers, Farmers’ car insurance rate is lower than that of the average rate in Chattanooga. This is why it is considered among some of the best in the city.

Other than its insurance rate which is below Chattanooga’s average rate, Farmers also offers discounts like Signal (a telematics program), shared family car, and good payer.

The only disadvantage of Farmers is that it has a lower Bankrate compared to every other auto insurance companies on this list.


USAA is another car insurance company in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that is considered as one of the best. Just like Chubb, it also boasts of an excellent customer service.

Although USAA has a lot of coverage options available like road assistance, ride share coverage, as well as other extended benefits coverage. It also offers additional discounts to customers who recently purchased a new vehicle or are able to maintain a low annual mileage.

However, the major disadvantage of USAA is that it only offers its auto insurance services to military veterans, active members of the military, and their immediate family members.


Car insurance basically involves protecting ones vehicle by paying an agreed annual premium to an insurance company based on the policy set down by that company.

For drivers or car owners in Chattanooga, Tennessee, there are lot of car insurance companies that can provide you with this protection in the best way possible.

Some of them include, USAA, Farmers, Travelers, Chubb, State Farm, Geico, Auto-Owners Insurance Co, to mention a few.