Before You Call That IJMB Numbers – Ask Yourself These Questions! More Truths About IJMB Revealed

IJMB And The Different Numbers And Websites; Why Is All That?

Simple answer: It is all that because we have so many Agents and so many fraudsters.

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Many students will obtain IJMB form, and ends up in another hand and centre entirely after several warning; that is why we were encouraged to make this insightful post about IJMB.
So many people calls us after finding themselves in a wrong study centres because they have refused to call the number on the form, do not heed to instructions, head to search engines like Google, bing to search about IJMB again, got another number and starts asking questions, they got to the wrong centre and all that we promised them, wasn’t there, and starts calling our IJMB helplines on 08105087367, 08111357171 again that; where is the serene environment we promised, where are the textbooks we paid for, where are the sound lecturers, where are the 2 hours lectures that we promised and at least 2 lectures per day? Not knowing that he is the architect of his own problem

IJMB Quote: There is 95% chance that you are about to be a victim of IJMB fraud if you are about to pay to personal account number for your IJMB programme

We are prompted to make this insight post about IJMB once again because many questions are arises daily if you type IJMB on Google search, there is probability you can get over 300 numbers; to say the least, this is more confusing to parents and the prospective IJMB students.

Why Are So Many Websites Related To IJMB?

The straight answer to this questions is that there are so many IJMB centres in Nigeria, and every centre strifes to own a website related to IJMB and is why you so many different IJMB websites springing up daily which is being encouraged by the Google Adwords. So students finding difficult to locate the genuine website or genuine numbers where they can do all their findings and transactions.
and is why you so many different IJMB websites springing up daily which is being encouraged by the Google Adwords. So students finding difficult to locate the genuine website or genuine numbers where they can do all their findings and transactions.

Ask YourSelf These Questions Before You Make A Call Concerning IJMB ?

1. Have I obtained the form? If you obtained the form, please look for the form again to call the number instead of searching through Google again.
2. Why Is Answer Not Tally? Most often than none,; when the answers are not tally, it is mostly due  to the fact that you have been calling different lines; which end up not through us but different agents
3. Why Is Different Number Calling Me Concerning IJMB? Because you have spoken with different IJMB agents and that is why different numbers calling.

IJMB Quote: There Is 80% you are not speaking with the same IJMB study centre; if you call different numbers IJMB twice

The other reason we have so many IJMB websites is because of agents. Yes,  we do have agents working in IJMB. IJMB Alevel Registration have not encouraged this in anyway for a very long time. So many people have contacted us in the past where they want to make arrangements with us to give us some students and after that we can forfeit the form fee or an extra money to them. We have always say “NO” to this request because our website have all the necessary information students need to know before they register. And if we should encourage them to be an agents for us, they might end up confusing the students. Of course, other centres encourage agents, and this is the reason we might so many websites. 08105087367, 08111357171

Why Are So Many Phone Numbers Related To IJMB

This is where it gets interesting and serious at the same time. We have talked about how many centres encourage agents, these agents get a number and start posting on different websites, forum especially; and classified ads websites for people to call them.
 These are mostly done by agents who cannot afford to setup a website and fraudsters who do not know anything about IJMB but to defraud unsuspecting prospective IJMB candidates.
This is why we have warned students severally never to pay any amount, no matter how little it is, to personal account number as far as IJMB is concerned. Any amount you pay to a personal account number; even if the account names bear Professor Williams Christian there is 95% that you are about to be a victim of IJMB fraud. You RUN

Parents And Students Think We Only Have One IJMB Centre In A City

Parents and first-time IJMB students have these thoughts in mind that at a particular city, we only have one IJMB centre. This is not true, and this is one of the major thoughts that confuses the prospective IJMB students and the parents. These mindsets have also post challenges to IJMB management and our approved IJMB centres in no small way.
IJMB Quote: We have over 300 IJMB study centres in Ilorin alone. Only registered through us because we have been here since 2008, and gets valued for your money
For example; parents  thought in Ilorin, we only have one IJMB centre and so can call any number they wish, and only need to tell them they are interested in IJMB at Ilorin. But this is not true, if you have been calling a particular number; and you later lost the number; and search about IJMB again and got another number; there is 70% that you will be speaking with another person entirely and at different centre. This is why we encourage students and parents to only stick with  IJMB Alevel Registration numbers that have been provided which is visible on the website; store the only two numbers we have on the website: 08105087367 or 08111357171 we have made sure our numbers are available 24/7 for enquiries. See list of universities accepting IJMB results
Warning: Do not call any other lines after you obtain your form; except the number on your form as far as IJMB is concerned. As a matter of fact; if you have obtained your form and paid for it; and on the form, you are not seeing our own number 08105087367 or 08111357171. Do not call our numbers again, unless you are not satisfied with the services being rendered there. Call the numbers on the form for any other enquiries from the time you print out your IJMB Form

How Many IJMB Study Centres Do We Actually Have In Ilorin?

This is not the hard questions, but the answer might blow your mind; the major reasons why we are informing parents and students today is for them not to get confused by seeing different numbers and websites talking about IJMB. Again to help us at IJMB Alevel Registration move away from the challenges students and parents is posing to us due to the fact that they thought we are all the same thing in any city. No; we are not Ma and Sir.
For Ilorin alone, due to the fact the Secretary to the IJMB study centres in Ilorin is our good friend, we are able to confirm that as of August 2016, we have 308 IJMB study centres in Ilorin. So can you imagine? When we started in 2008; we hardly have up to 10 IJMB study centres.
Since our vision is to centralise everything concerning IJMB at IJMB Alevel Registration. We do have over 1,000 students registering with us every year. We mostly consider each study centre and how many students can each manage and this help to distribute students to the top notch study centres, that have been here in years.
IJMB Quote: Stick With One Number: If you do not, you will end up calling differents agents, that want you to come through them to any of the centres they have arrangement with; at the end of the day, you will continue to be disturbed with different calls from different numbers; you might end up thinking if you have spoken with a fraudster or not

IJMB Study Centres And How Many Centres We Partner With In Each City

Ilorin. 309 Study centres; we only partner with 5 centres that we know can guaranty our students’ success both during and after IJMB programme to be able to gain admission with the result.
While we encourage students to pay their fees before coming is that students can choose to change their IJMB study centres to another centre we partner with, in the case you are not satisfied with the environment within 24 hours when you arrived.
Abuja:  we only partner with 1.
Ibadan: We only partner with1
Port Harcourt:  we only partner with 1
Ekiti: We only partner with one
Ilorin: We only partner with one

More About IJMB Programme

To apply for IJMB programme, the procedures and the steps candidates need to take is very simple and straightforward

Here are ways to apply for IJMB registration Procedures

1. The first step is to print the form out at
2. Then do pay the form fee which is currently #8,500, to the following account number
Account No: 0163836217
Bank : Gtbank 
3.After paying, do fill the printed form with
4. Attach your passport to the designated area on the form
5. Go back to the nearest cyber cafe to you and scan the form you have already filled, and also scan the teller copy you were issued at the bank
6. Send all the scanned data to [email protected]
7. Within 2 to 4 hours, a reply will be sent to you via the email you used to send the scanned data to us, the email will include other few details you need to know as an IJMB students
8. Syllabus will be sent to register students with their full IJMB registration details, IJMB applicants should endeavour to download on their emails and start studying the IJMB syllabus
Click here for IJMB FAQ =
For curent school fees >>>
What Is IJMB? Click here >>>
The total fees till you write your final examination is #168,000- which include your form fee, hostel fee, textbooks and your tuition fee. 
2nd Method
The second method of IJMB registration is to make the payment online using your ATM
Click here to make the IJMB registration payment online; after that, you will be redirected where to fill your IJMB form
 You can also make use of
your ATM to make your IJMB registration online.