BAU 2022 Global Scholarship Examination -Guidelines

BAU 2022 Global Scholarship Examination is here again and already to offer deserving students the opportunity to pursue their dreams in the higher institutions.

Bay Atlantic University organizers this Scholarship program for students majorly in Vietnam, south African, Mogolia and Chad.

On Yearly basis, a lot of talents is discovered in this areas, following the motives of the company which is to produce students who will make a change in the world, there select only the best in each country.

According to the statement released by the organizers of this Scholarship, they want to build a generation that are educated to the formation of individual that will continually contribute and share the values of dialogue, tolerance, and collaboration and who are willing to work with others to achieve sustainable development.

Education is one of the movers of a good economy, when you have educated people in the world, it will help in not just moving the world on human capital development but in the world economy too.


If your in South Africa, Chad, Mogolia and Vietnam and your interested in this program, all you need to do is to register in your respective countries.

Your entrance examination will be written there and if you pass, you will be sent a mail.

The application is already open but the deadline for the Scholarship have not been announced, but my advice to you is to hurry up and register to avoid rush hour.

How To Apply

  • Go to the Scholarship portal and register
  • You can check the portal with this link
  • When your registration is completed, you will be required to write a 2 hours exam which will determine if your qualified or not.
  • If you pass, you will be awarded.

The Scholarship award is given based on your score in the exam, some are given 25%, others will be given 50% and those that performed extremely well will be given 100%.

This is how it is divided, base on the past record of the organization, the first 5 persons with the highest mark will be given the 100% Scholarship which mean it will be all expenses paid education.

Then those that followed up will be given 50% down to 25% for some.

The total number of students that it picked from the 4 counties is just 100 students, so you have to prove your worthy before it can be given to you.

The good thing about this Scholarship is the fact that it is more of a non profit organisation.

This means that it source of funds is from the partnership it does with some other organisations, ministries and institutions.

Sponsor : Bay Atlantic University

Scholarship Deadline: Not Known Yet

About BAU

Bay Atlantic University is a non profit educational organisation located at the Washington DC and offers free quality education to US and internationally students.

It has 6 major agendas which are Affordable, Focused, Global, Connected, Central and Dynamic.

They have been able to prove their agendas with he Work they do to humanity.

It is important to go now and start the application to avoid being left out of the deal.