BASU Innovation Scholars Grant 2022

BASU Innovation Scholars Grant 2022 is a coming from the generosity of Sunanda Basu.

The purpose for this Scholarship is to provide travel support to Scientists and Recent PhD graduates who To are making impact in the area space physics and aeronomy through innovative approach.

This grant started in 2021 and it is given to deserving students annually. With this grant you can be paid the sum of $2000. It will be awarded as part of AGU fall meeting. AGU is a science base company who are more interested in helping early scientist attain the Hight they want as long as your in line with science

Anybody who participates in the fall meeting and Hanson lecture will have the opportunity to network with Hanson Lecturer.

  • Category: Entrepreneur
  • Country: Unspecified
  • Company: AGU
  • Reward: $2000
  • Application day: Now Open
  • Deadline: August 6, 2022

The awardee will receive funding that is up $2000 to virtually participate in the fall meeting.

This money is meant to take care of your expenses like transportation, technology, purchasing, renting, dependent care cost, unpaid wages, list wages, meeting registration.

Requirements for BASU Innovation Scholar Grant 2022

  • You should be an early career scientist/recent PhD Graduate
  • Be supporting work producing Innovation in the space I’d measurement and interpretation.
  • You should also have some document like; your complete CV, personal statement which will explain how BASU Innovation will help you advance your career in the specs of science and network.
  • You should get a letter from two of your mentors explaining works you have done so far.
  • If your not a PhD holder please do not think about this opportunity.

Just as mentioned, the dream is to help the young and early scientist who want to embark on differnt kinds of research especially the ones on network and technology.

AGU company provide each student with $2000 which will cover up the living expenses.

Don’t forget that the latter that will be submitted from your mentor should not exceed 1 page.  And your own should also not exceed one page.

Rewards and Benefits of BASU Innovation Scholars Grant 2022

When selected for this opportunity, you are not just receive a place to stay but you will be given $2000 to virtually participate In the fall meeting of the company which will be hosted by Henson.

The $2000 that will be given to to you will help cover up all your living expenses including transportation and purchasing or buy some personal thing.

It is a yearly something and can be renewed yearly two but base on merit, this means, if your performance for the first year of studies is good, you will be able to renew the grant.

How to Apply for BASU Innovation Scholars Grant 2022

If your so much interested and believe you are qualified to be part of this program, go to Agu on to apply.

Don’t forget not miss anything or make mistake in your application to avoid it not being accepted because this is a great opportunity

To know more about the company and other services that there offer, kindly Click here