ASUU News: Does ASUU Strike Affects IJMB and JUPEB?

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike and news are trending today and IJMB has to make some clarifications on it. Students want to know if ASUU strike in Nigeria latest update does affect the IJMB program and JUPEB A/level.

The simple answer is no, the ASUU strike only affect university program and activities, it does not stop or prevent the normal academic calendars of other programs within or outside the universities like IJMB.

Effect of ASUU latest strike on the IJMB Programme

ASUU strike does not and will not affect IJMB registration, lectures, and exam dates. Everything concerning IJMB will go on in all IJMB centers without any effect of the current ASUU latest strike on the program.

ASUU strike and IJMB

The ASUU strike and IJMB do not always go hand in hand, as the ASUU strike does not affect other school programs like the Advanced level program to which IJMB belongs.

ASUU strike and JUPEB

With the current ASUU strike, the JUPEB calendar program will go on without any implication on the program. As the ASUU strike and JUPEB do not affect each other.

Effect of ASUU’s latest strike on the JUPEB Program

There is no effect. This is the summary of effect of ASUU latest strike on IJMB Program

When is ASUU Going to call off strike

No one knows when is ASUU Going to call off the strike as that depends on when FG finally meets the ASUU demands. Of which the federal government as of the time of writing this, has not made any commitment towards that.


Does ASUU Strike affect IJMB and JUPEB

No, ASUU strike does not affect JUPEB and IJMB programs

Is Asuu on Strike currently?

Yes, ASUU is on strike currently

When is ASUU strike going to end

That depends on the FG to meet the ASUU demands

Will Strike affect IJMB academic activities

No, ASUU strike does not affect IJMB Program

Doess ASUU strike affect JUPEB Program

Of course not, JUPEB program academic activities will go on as it’s stated on the advanced level calendar for the academic year.