Apply for Women Political Leadership Programme

Apply for Women Political Leadership Programme.

As a way for the absolute inclusivity of women in human capacity development and societal progress, the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) is inviting applications for the 2022 Women’s Political Leadership Programme.See another similar opportunity here.

If you are a local political leader in Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe, a woman and most importantly, an agent of change then this programme is absolutely for you to be part and parcel of.

The 12-months training focuses on developing political leadership skills and is open only to women who hold an elected seat in a local government.

All parts of the training are based on equity, participation, transparency and accountability, and the goal is to strengthen democracy in the organisations taking part in the training, primarily by strengthening the politician herself, as well as capacitating women politicians in general to be good role models and to get a higher involvement of underrepresented groups in decision making bodies.

About Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD)

ICLD is a non-profit organisation, whose principal is the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR). Our operations are financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). We are about 25 employees working in two offices, in Visby and in Stockholm. ICLD’s mission is to support democratic participation and change at the local level. With its focus on local democracy, local self-governance and decentralisation, ICLD strengthens local governments’ capacity to analyse, prioritize and implement Agenda 2030 in accordance with

Aims ICLD Program For Women’s Political Leadership.

The main aims if this program to provide the following changes in the participant:

  • Empower the participant with improved leadership skills
  • .Help the participant to fully utilize the power and influence of her position.
  • Strengthen her as a role model to encourage political participation among marginalized groups.
  • Give her access to a network of women in similar positions.

During the training, the participant will work on her change process and implement a strategy to make the local authority equitable, participatory, transparent and accountable.

The ICLD Programl Structure

  1. The program training consists of three compulsory workshops, of which all three are full time scheduled training.
  2. Periods between workshops are home based.
  3. The total duration of the programme is 12 months.

Benefits ICLD Program Women’s Political Leadership

  • Valuable exchange of knowledge and experiences.
  • Extended regional and international networks.
  • Improved skills as a “change agent” in initiating and implementing instituational change.
  • Skills and abilities to communicate and advocate on issues of inclusive governance.
  • Two-day study-visit in a Swedish municipality or region.
  • Support to improve participation, equality, transparency and accountability in local governance.

What ICLD will offer To Participants

  1. Advanced training in communication, strategic planning and leadership.
  2. Swedish mentorship including an individual two-day study visit in a Swedish municipality or region.
  3. International exposure to different political experiences.
  4. An opportunity for your municipality to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Eligibility for ICLD Women’s Political Leadership Program

The following countries are eligible for the programme: Albania, Botswana, Georgia, Indonesia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Namibia, North Macedonia, Rwanda, Serbia, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The training programme will be organised and conducted in English. Proficiency in English shall be indicated in the Application form.

Considering the training programme consists of international travels and work away from home in a new environment, good health and ability to work without health restrictions is required.

 It is therefore recommended that candidates undergo a medical examination before filling in the Medical Statement in the Application form.

Application Method for ICLD Women’s Political Leadership Program

Interested applicants should visit the ICLD website here and apply.Ensure you fill and provide all necessary information.

Application Deadline For ICLD

The Application Deadline For this program is 15 August 2022.

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