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IJMB Program

If this page is the first page you would ever first visit here at probably you must have read our ads from facebook website or probably from search engines like google or yahoo. Since I want to employ you to allow your son, daughter or any of your relation to start IJMB program, I will employ you to read what IJMB is all about at IJMB and all the opportunities it has to offer. But lets me just say a few things about IJMB, our institution, where the program is going on, and the fees in this post. Again you may want to read universities that accept IJMB result. Again, let me tell you that IJMB result expires after 7 good years.
What is IJMB
IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board, is a program that has been existed even before UTME came in 1974, is a Advanced program that is being moderated by ABU (Ahmadu Bello University) Zaria.

So the final exam do come form Ahmadu Bello University which carries 80%. Why IJMB over other A level programs? is only A level done
outside of university campus that can see you or your child into 200 Level of the university of their choice without any problem. The only university I know of, that doesn’t accept IJMB result is Unilag and Unibadan. So acceptability of the result is not questioned anywhere you or your child want to use the result for.

The final exam now takes place by February every year, so those universities that do run fast program like that of University of Ilorin the admission period will meet up. So lectures do start by March or April every year. Just do the favour and buy IJMB form online for him/ her now. It’s now easy for you to buy the form for yourself or child at your house/office once you have scanner at home or you already have the scanned passport on your computer and your O’level result except if you want to use awaiting result.

So call me, Ekundayo Michael, the Head Of Online Team For Leadership Seekers Academy on 08105087367, 08111357171 or email me on [email protected] or [email protected] for how to obtain the form and start the program for yourself or your daughter. You don’t need to fear of security, Ilorin is generally peaceful and the costs of commodities are cheaper so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your child or being alone, students from almost all over the Nigeria states are here, Ilorin, Enugu, Delta, Ekiti, Ondo, Oyo, Osun, Bayelsa, Kogi etc. So there are mixed up of students just like a normal university campus. The requirement for any students to start IJMB program is to own his/ her O’level result, but isn’t over if he/she hasn’t have the result complete, awaiting result are generally accepted.

About Leadership Seekers Academy

Leadership Seekers Academy have been running IJMB program since 2006, here in Ilorin. While we do other things like WAEC, NECO, NABTEB registration the main focus of ours is IJMB. Students have always being out and in of the institution since Leadership was founded then. We have the qualified lecturers, when I mean qualified lecturers; I’m saying lecturers that have passed through the same program, not just a lecturers seeing outside of IJMB. So I don’t think anything should be of great concern to you or your child failing at the final exam, unless if you’ve known that he/she is not a serious type towards education, and I must tell you this, IJMB is not meant for the lazy type, we need students that are ready to stress their brain and read their respective courses. The address

Along Ajase- Ipo road,
Offa-Garrage, Ilorin
Kwara state.

While your child coming, allow her to carry stove, bournvita, foam or just give her the money that would be enough for all his/ her needs, till she fully settled down. Here is the Head Of Online Team again 08105087367, 08111357171 or send me an email on [email protected] for more information and how your daughter can come down for the program this week.  And I suggest read universities accepting IJMB results and if you are the type that would search all through the net about IJMB, please read my post of Identifying IJMB Fraudsters, I wouldn’t deceive you, there are so many of them on the next, these little points would give you some ideas of knowing them. It is very important for you to read IJMB FAQ to read all necessary question that are bordering you about IJMB. IJMB registration is on course now register now and save 15% on the form fee IJMB online? please email me on [email protected]

Please read more about IJMB in our previous posts for more detail if this is your first time of hearing about IJMB.