ADDO Research fellowship 2022

ADDO Research fellowship 2022

The African Digital Democracy Observatory (ADDO) has opened Application portal for a 2022 African research fellowship.

ADDO is offering research grants and technical support for evidence-driven analysis into how malign actors are using coordinated disinformation and propaganda or other influence to fuel conflict across 21 African.See similar Followship opportunity here.

About ADDO Research Fellowship 

The fellowships have been established because detailed evidence and/or actionable insights about how disinformation techniques or networks are being deployed are scarce in Africa. 

This hampers traditional civil society watchdogs or investigative media from proactively exposing and debunking campaigns. ADDO Fellows’ research is therefore intended to help African media and CSOs better understand hybrid warfare and information disorder in their country/region.

The research fellowships come with a grant of $5,000 to $10,000 per project, along with additional access to ADDO forensic analysts, data scientists 

Proposals that aim to publish actionable data or insights for media/CSOs to build on will be prioritized, including research that helps identify disinformation narratives with credible data-driven evidence, or that spotlights the actors and other forces responsible for creating and spreading disinformation.

Benefits of ADDO Research Fellowship.

Interestingly, ADDO Fellowship research will come with the following benefits:

  • A grant of $5,000 to $10,000 per project, along with additional access to ADDO forensic analysts.
  • Data scientists and open-source intelligence (OSINT) researchers.
  • Machine learning tools for social listening or data/network analysis.
  • Selected fellows will be invited to share their research at ADDO seminars or international events.
  • The research fellowships come with a grant of $5,000 to $10,000 per project, along with additional access to ADDO forensic analysts, data scientists and open source intelligence (OSINT) researchers, as well as to machine learning tools for social listening or data/network analysis.

Eligibility ADDO Research Fellowship

  • ADDO application is open to Individual researchers, multidisciplinary teams, or a research organization that works in African countries, or that is affiliated with African-based partners, post-doc or other senior researchers can apply.
  • Early-career researchers who have substantive published work, investigative journalists/analysts, or OSINT researchers who are affiliated with an institution (supported by a letter confirming oversight) with domain expertise on disinformation or other information disorder issues.

Selection for ADDO Research Fellowship

  1. The proposals for ADDO Research fellowship will be evaluated using the following criteria
  2. The strength of the research topic and supporting evidence.
  3. The capacity/expertise of the researcher/team.
  4. Commitment to knowledge sharing.
  5. The feasibility of the proposal.
  6. The envisioned format for the research outputs.

Summary of ADDO Research Fellowship

Type : Postgraduate

Name: ADDO Research fellowship

Eligible Nationality: African only 

Opening Date: NA

Deadline Date : 15-10-2022

Application Process for ADDO Research Fellowship

The applications for ADDO Research fellowship should contain:

Submit an elevator pitch using this simple form.Submit a more detailed proposal if invited.

Commence the research fellowship, with technical support from ADDO’s forensic analysis and machine learning teams.

Present initial/iterative research insights/findings at ADDO seminars and other industry events.

Publish final research report on a publicly accessible platform, and present the results as appropriate.


Double application is not required for this application dead will not be extended.

Do not gratify anyone for this position, the best candidates will be contacted

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