A Study Portal Course Ware For 100 Level Students In Nigerian Universities Have Been Developed

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We are glad that after months upon months of contemplating, thinking, organizing, planning, resourcing, sourcing, developing, listing, creating and of course building. The IJMB Alevel Registration have built a perfect online course ware portal for 100 level students of Nigerian universities. This portal has already covered 97% of
Nigerian universities courses. The portal was opened for registration on 18th of September 2015. And we are having 50+ signups everyday.  We believe that this platform will create a long lasting effect on students who takes this advantage, and reduced to the barest minimum of students who do not cross to 200 level because of low G.P and thereby being sent home. We have seen it happened to many students, year in, year out.  We believe we have done our best by creating this platform for all students to study and ask questions within their selves and management on the various courses being offered by them. We believe if registered students take advantage of this, the number of people being sent home as a results of low GP will maximally reduced.

What Is Dscholars.com.ng Is All About?

Do you just gained admission to any of Nigerian universities, or you are waiting to read your admission letter, or you are being worried that your lecturers might not cover your syllabus and there is no way you can escape it while writing the exams? Well, a portal have been created by IJMB Alevel Registration for students in 100 level to have access to their course outlines and be able to study online. The main purpose while the portal was created was to allow students to study ahead of their class. We found out that students who study ahead tend to understand more of the topic being taught while in the class, especially when they can do it in a group than those who attend the class before going through it

Again, buying textboooks for the various courses being offered by a student are always above the financial capability of an average parents. So what dscholars.com.ng did was to used University of Ilorin as a model for other universities in Nigeria, by listing/treating all the courses outlines under each course, and the courses under each department and the departments under each faculty. We are glad to tell you that this listing covers both Harmattan and Rain semester. The website was opened for registration on 18th of September of 2015 and students of 100 level and those awaiting admission can now take full advantage of it.

While to be a member do not come cheap for those ones who their parents will not give them the registration fee as its attracts #4,000 for normal registration. But for those ones who register between now and October 2nd, the registration is for #2000.

Why We Cannot Make Dscholars.com.ng A Free Service For Nigerian Universities Students?

It does not only cost our time, and was not just one person that built it up, it was fully sponsored by www.ijmb.com.ng of IJMB Alevel Registration. We intend to employ lots of people with excellent grade that have passed through the same course for each course so that they can always answered inquiries, questions and assignments posted by the students like you

Again, before we could built this website up and running, we gave it out as a contract for group of people so that they can help us in compiolations We are also spending money on advertisement on Facebook ads, Google ads and Nairaland ads. This also cost us alots of financially sacrifices. And if we do not spend money, student like you that it will benefit will not know that this type of portal exist online.

Some Important Quick Links On Dscholars.com.ng

Before you register for this Nigerian courseware website you must read the about us to know who we are and why we think registering in this website will be one of the best decision you have made this year, our miscellaneous page will take you through some hidden secrets you need to be exposed to avoid regrets later in your days as a fresher and the Nigerian university course abbreviations will make sure you are exposed to most of the abbreviation courses in the university. Please read our rules and policies to avoid being banned or suspended ( if you are banned from this site, you won’t be able to claim refund) Please take sometimes to familiarize yourself with the rules of this educational website, ignorant won’t be taken as an excuse. At our Mission and Vission of dsholars will take you through the mission and vision we have at dscholars for Nigerian education sector. Do you know we also refund 100% of whatever amount you paid if you think this website have not added value to your educational life or do not meet your expectations at the end of the year? Please claim 100% refund of your money at the end of the year. You have complaint to make? Please Dscholars Contact Us Form is waiting for your suggestions, materials and various questions. Are you worried that your department might have not been covered on our website, and you do not want to waste your money to gain other knowledge that won’t beneficial to you? Please go through the lists of departments that have not been covered on our website. Do you still have some general question about the dscholars? Please go through dscholars Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), it will help you a lots about all the miseries you might have about our portal. Do you want to know how to pay to join this website and join over thousands of other students in their 100 level like you that are using this site to study ahead of their various classes? Then you have to go through the instructions on how to pay for dscholars membership and the account number details. For now just know that we are NOT using any other account number different from the following below.

Account Name: IJMB Alevel Registration
Account Number : 016383621
Amount: #4,000 or #2000 before Oct 2nd
Bank: Gtbank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Thank you.

Study Portal