2023 JAMB Novel and Download

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB has announced the novel that will be used in the upcoming 2023 Use of English examination.


2023 Jamb Novel

THE LIFE CHANGER BY Khadija Abubakar Jalli 

The life changer is same novel that has been used for the past 3 years by The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB.


Yes, the novel has been made compulsory for all 2023 JAMB UTME candidates, as the use of English is required for everyone, irrespective of their subject combination.


Quite a number of questions will be asked during the Use of English 2023 UTME. The least number of questions you’d see is 4-5. For some, it might be 10, for others, 15. It all depends on how the shuffling is done. So, reading the novel is a must if you are a candidate as you do not know what chapter or paragraph your question might emerge from.


The Life Changer can be gotten at the approved CBT Center where you carry out your 2023 JAMB registration.


The novel will be gotten for a fee of 500 naira at the CBT center you carried out your 2023 JAMB registration. It will be given to you after the registration.


What is The Life Changer all about??

The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli is a first appearance novel showcasing what life of campus could be like. It takes us through what the narrator, “Ummi”’s experience was like during her university years. And honestly, her narration and the novel as a whole did change the narrative of a lot of JAMB candidates, on how life on campus really looks like.

It tells us what to expect and gives an insight on steps to take during one’s arrival on campus, as well as dress codes for some departments such as Law.

Following its first appearance uniqueness, The Life Changer happens to be the author, Khadija Abubakar Jalli’s first publication. And just like a lot of minds think, she seems to be conveying a message about African female voices raising the bar on the stormy and rough tides of the academic world.

To get you started on the 2023 JAMB Novel before JAMB registration begins, here is a snippet of Life Changer’s Chapter 1 for you:

They were waiting for Daddy.

We were.

I paused outside their door. The laughter was cheerful. It was also infectious. It began as a silent chuckle, then slowly it turned into a mirthful but stilted giggle. Now, it had finally transformed into a full-fledged chortle. I stopped awhile to listen.

My plan was not to eavesdrop. God forbid that I should be that kind of mother who surreptitiously listened on her children’s private conversation. But there was something about the laughter that was compelling and arresting.

Bint, my five-year-old daughter, appeared to be the narrative voice. She was telling her two sisters the story of her classroom encounter with their meddlesome Social Studies teacher the previous week. The narration was so vivid you could actually visualize what transpired.

The teacher believed he knew a little bit about every subject under the sun, especially French which most of the students found strange. Bint herself was new in the school.

French was an optional subject even at this level of primary school education. We however encouraged her to take the option since we believed that language acquisition at an early age came relatively easy and with minimal effort. And, in any case, French was second to English in the ranking of international languages, we reckoned.

So it was that the first question the teacher asked was, “Who can tell me how to say Good

Morning in French?”

Everybody was silent in the classroom.

“You mean none of you knows how to say Good Morning

Hesitatingly, not without trepidation, Bint raised her hand.

“Yes?” he pointed at her.

Slowly, she stood up.

“What is your name?” the teacher asked. “My name is Bint.”

“So, tell us, Bint, how do you say Good Morning in French?”

“Bonjour,” Bint said.

“That’s very good,” the teacher said, speaking English. “And how do you say that’s very good in

French, teacher?” Bint asked innocently.

“What?” The teacher jerked his head off as if stung by a bee. Then, within a flash, he bolted out of the classroom only to come back a few minutes later with the French Mistress of the senior classes.

“Ask her,” he told Bint simply.

“How do you say that’s very good in French, Aunty?” Bint asked reverentially.

“C’est tres bien,” the French Mistress replied.

“C’est tres bien,” Bint repeated confidently.

The class began clapping and laughing at the same time. The class teacher followed the French

Mistress out and didn’t comeback till after the break.

Meanwhile the whole class as one surrounded Bint and started clapping and singing going round her in cheer and joy. They seemed to have known instinctively that Bint was destined for bigger things. Who else but a genius would ask a question the teacher could not answer?siblings.

“I got them. I really got them,” Bint was saying excitedly to her I found myself laughing silently.

Before I got carried away, I let myself unobtrusively into the room. They were used to my impromptu barging. One reason I used to go in unannounced was to keep them on their toes where issues of personal hygiene were concerned. The second reason was that we were used to keeping each other company.

These formed the rationale for my periodic checking of their room to ensure that they learned the basic norms of maintaining the cleanliness of their room at an early age and to get used to my presence. My own grandmother used to tell us when we were young that what you teach a child is like writing on a rock and when dried, it would be difficult to erase. I seldom miss an opportunity to make them see the lesson in an experience.

They learned to respect my opinion over most of their matters and I tried not to be unnecessarily didactic when it came to correction or giving instructions. This cemented our mutual trust…

Interesting read, isn’t it?

To keep reading, get your copy of 2023 Jamb Novel, The Life Changer by downloading it from here.

To assess your understanding and recollection of the book, here are 195 questions for you to practice from here. We wish you the best in your forthcoming JAMB examination and encourage you to share this article with your peers who will most definitely need it.