Your academic efforts are interpreted into grades and points at the end of your programme. This page contains information on these grades and points, including illustrations.


Both Continuous Assessments and Final Examination count towards the final grade of each A/Level subject. The C.As cover 30% of the total score while the final exam carries 70%. The scores, based on 100, are interpretated into grades as shown below for your guidance.
70% - 100%     A
60% - 69%       B
50% - 59%       C
45% - 49%       D
40% - 44%       E
0% - 39%         F
Though, many universities have stipulated minimum of passes (i.e grades E) in two(2) subjects among the three(3) subjects on offer, you will realize that general performance in the examination rather suggests these universities admit students with higher grades. Hence, it is of utmost important that students concentrate their efforts to secure sufficient scores for better grades in their subjects.


In many cases, admission into university is rather based on overall performance of a student in all the three(3) subjects, though emphases are made on passing the core subjects related to the proposed undergraduate course. In this regard, universities will request students have certain overall performance which have numerical interpretations. These are simply called points. These points are calculated as follows:
Grades    Points
A               5
B               4
C               3
D               2
E               1
F               0
The overall points is the addition of individual points obtained form each subject plus an extra point for any student with no grade F in any of his three(3) subjects. The illustrations below are meant for a guide.
Grades        Points        Extra        Overall       
B+B+C        4+4+3            1            12       
A+A+A        5+5+5            1            16       
A+E+B        5+1+4            1            11       
B+D+F        4+2+0            0            6       
A+C+F        5+3+0            0            8