school fees

Your school fees for the IJMB programme cover both tuition and examination. These fees vary with institutions and combinations of subjects. You should check what fees you will be paying when you enrol for the programme. The fees are cheaper than those charged for corresponding Cambridge GCE A/Level and payment by installments may be allowed.


Your school fees do not cover other charges such as accommodation, feeding, books, travelling, etc, unless otherwise stated. In this regard, you are required to pay for these charges separately and with no obligations from the school to provide services related to the list. Living expenses depend on your residential place during the programme. List of recommended books shall be given to you once you come over for the programme. Alternatively, you can call us to get this list.


Don't hesitate to call us on the current charges for the A/Level programme. We are also willing to help regarding your accommodation, and this can be booked before your arrival and payment made once you are satisfied with the provisions and only on your arrival. List of the recommended books can also be forwarded to you on requests and necessary guidance relating to these books given. Obtaining these books may be cheaper at your home, so we recommend checking local bookshops before getting set for the trip. 
Kindly direct all your requests to 080-3585-2770 or visit the contacts page for other alternatives.