IJMB centres provide tuition and are also examination centres. They are located in different parts of the country.


The website contains list of various institutions that run IJMB programme. Kindly note that these institutions differ in their admission policies, tuition fees and programme sessions. Time for the applications for admission also varies with these institutions and so also are the payment policies. We encourage you to inquire from them before making your choice


For candidates interested in attending private tuition providing institutions, the same diversities apply to them. We highly recommend IJMB.Academy due to its reputations. Their fees are moderate and they consider payments by instalments. More importantly, their students achieve highly both in A/Level results and in their undergraduate programmes.

You can apply for IJMB programme at any of these institutions and proceed to study for your undergraduate programme by Direct Entry at institution different from where you receive IJMB tuition. The choice is yours.