Prospective students are required to apply for the programme and meet the necessary requirements. Application procedures vary from one institution to another, however these procedures are simple and clear. Students may be communicated on their successful selection for the programme. Kindly note that students are required to commence their registration exercises before they can be allowed to receive tuition. Photocopies of credentials, copies of passport photographs and full or part payments (as the case may apply) are major components of the registration.

application forms

Application forms are obtainable from various IJMB Institutions. Click here to view list of institutions. Prospective students can also contact us for their application forms. For further details, call 080-3585-2770 or visit contacts page.

Sign Up Now

Prospective students are encouraged to sign up here, indicating their readiness for the programme. Signing up is free and different from the application form. Once you sign up, you will be contacted and we will be able to follow your progress throughout the programme. And once your application form is received, the online registration form will be updated.